Electronic Systems

Electronic Systems are Supposed to make your job easier.

So why don’t they?

Electronic systems fail due to several points:

Let’s take these one at time:

Installation – Even the best product is ruined by a sloppy installation.  AMFES makes sure your system protects you by employing only highly trained & caring installers and motivated supervisors during your installation.  AMFES and its staff will ensure you receive a pain-free startup and a lifetime of beneficial protection.

Product Quality – Some manufacturers cut costs during testing by waiting until your system is installed to find the flaws.  AMFES utilizes only products that have undergone a battery of tests at the factory, including voltage cycling, vibration, humidity, temperature, and even shock tests (dropping it from a height) and then WE test it so that you get Quality instead of headaches!

Product Selection – Even the finest products made don’t perform well in conditions not designed for.  Selecting the right components is one of the hallmarks of a quality designer.  With AMFES, you’ll receive the right product for your project.

Maintenance – Electronic systems require regular maintenance – just like your vehicle. While the electronic parts just keep on working, the mechanical aspects sometimes need adjustment.  Not performing this maintenance results in failed detectors, poor pictures, false alarms – and significant costs & frustration with your systems that you don’t need.  With AMFES you get peace of mind instead of piecemeal maintenance.

Training – Electronic systems can be confusing and intimidating to people who don’t work with them on a daily basis.  AMFES trainers aren’t just technicians – they’re experienced teachers who are used to communicating complicated concepts in simple terms. Of course AMFES supplies a manual with your system – but you probably won’t need it.  When you call AMFES with a question, you’ll always get a “LIVE” person — not a recorded script telling you to push a button.  Our customers are “LIVE” and we believe they deserve “LIVE” technicians when they call.

Last updated: Sat 24 September 2022