AMFES technicians are trained and experienced in installing and servicing wide array of products. However, there are a few key manufacturing partners that have distinguished themselves and earned the right to be known as AMFES Selected Products. These products have demonstrated reliability, ease-of-use, and cost-effectiveness that separate them from comparable offerings of other companies. Unless a particular specification or owner requirement dictate otherwise an AMFES installation will typically be made up of the following products.

Advanced Fire Systems AX Fire Alarm Systems

AFS’s AX panel series provides an extraordinarily flexible range of options. The first and only system that offers complete audio/voice/visual network synchronization. And the only system listed to provide NFPA 72 low-frequency notification using speakers. And the most cost-effective low-frequency notification system available. And…

Hochiki America FireNet, FireNet Plus, and Latitude Fire Alarm Systems

Hochiki America manufacturers most of their rock-solid products in Southern California. The legacy FireNet and FireNet Plus continue to offer solid platforms while the Latitude is perhaps the most user-friendly fire alarm system available today.

Mircom FA-200, FA-300, FA-1000, FX-2000, FX-4000, and FleX-Net Fire Alarm Systems

Mircom’s range allows for a custom-tailored solution for any installation, from a small store to a multiple building high-rise property. For nearly all hardwire or conventional applications, or for small addressable systems, Mircom’s products are unmatched for configuration, expandablity, and price.

Galaxy Control Systems Access Control

From the simplest to the largest systems, including multiple sites, Galaxy Control Systems provides the finest access control systems available.


The RISCO Group’s line of security systems are the strongest and most reliable products available. When uncompromising performance is the goal there is no better solution available than ProSYS.

Paradox Security Systems

Paradox brings a new look to security systems with their Esprit, Spectra, and DigiPlex lines. From the simplest of residential systems to large office buildings, Paradox has a system that provides all the features you need, at a far lower price than any other system.

Non-Proprietary Fire Alarm Systems

For smaller installations requiring guaranteed open serviceability, offerings from Mircom, Potter, Silent Knight, and Fire-Lite are available.

Auxilliary and supporting fire alarm products

Fire alarm systems are more than just a panel and some smoke detectors. AMFES carries a full line of products to support new and existing systems, including horn/strobes, smoke detectors, power supplies, secondary panels, even specialized wire.

ESI Telephone Systems

For any size of business, ESI’s IVX series of telephone systems offer a wide range of features at an exceptional value.

Last updated: Sat 02 September 2023