Fire Alarm Accessories

Fire alarm panels get lonely without friends.

While the choice of fire alarm panel is critical, the supporting devices are where most of the labor, and money, are allocated on a fire alarm installation.? With this in mind, AMFES has selected several key products from different manufacturers to fulfill our requirements for detection, notification, and control.

Potter provides the most reliable and flexible secondary power supplies available today. When no other factors affect the decision a Potter PSN-106 or PSN-64 will be the chosen booster panel.

System Sensor’s Spectralert Advance notification products offer the greatest flexibility, reliability, and clarity of sound available today.? Depending on the particular needs of your application, whether wall or ceiling mount, horns or speakers, interior or exterior devices, AMFES will select the right product at the right price.

Apollo and System Sensor offer the simplest, most attractive, most reliable detectors on the market today.? Whether your needs are conventional or addressable, spot-type smoke or resettable heat detection, large area smoke? beam detection, or direct-wire or plug-in style, AMFES has the correct devices for your building.

Key Benefits

Last updated: Sat 24 September 2022