Contracting with AMFES

What should you know about contracting with AMFES?

Well, for starters - we operate differently from most other contractors.

If you’re looking for a contractor that’s been doing business since “forever”, has a billion-dollar parent company behind them, a dozen tiers of middle management, manufacturer sales quotas, or other “features” of a large corporation - you’ll have to look elsewhere.

If instead, you’re looking for a contractor that treats every project as a priority, has the principals easily accessible (unless they’re already on-site performing your installation), matches products to jobs on a best value basis, and ALWAYS meets construction deadlines - then you’ve found your solution.

AMFES is a qualified WBE (woman-owned business enterprise) - which may help you to comply with various government regulations. Some pertinent license information may be found below.

Just so you know it’s there, we carry liability and professional insurance from a A-15 rated carrier to $2,000,000.00 - that’s an awful big system! Of course we have auto insurance & workers’ compensation coverage too.

Last updated: Sat 24 September 2022