Monitoring of fire alarm & security systems

Nearly all systems benefit from remote station monitoring. It's important to select a station that actually performs - instead of just being a monthly bill. AMFES partner monitoring stations are selected for their performance first and foremost - the fact that we can also offer the best pricing available is just a bonus!

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Monitoring of fire alarm systems isn't an option - it's a requirement! As such, property owners & managers generally make their decisions based on price. However, beyond price, there are in fact key performance questions that need to be asked. AMFES answers these questions

  • UL-Listed Central & Remote Stations
  • Custom authority levels
  • Selective notification of property representatives and authorities as required

Security Monitoring

Detection systems are only part of a security system - responsive monitoring is necessary to ensure appropriate response and full deterence. But while many others might offer monitoring service only AMFES pairs monitoring with the most responsive guard services available.

  • Armed response
  • Detailed reporting