Monitoring of Fire Alarm & Security Systems

Nearly all systems benefit from remote station monitoring. It’s important to select a station that actually performs - instead of just being a monthly bill. AMFES partner monitoring stations are selected for their performance first and foremost - the fact that we can also offer the best pricing available is just a bonus!

Long Range Radio Monitoring

One of our strongest services is our long-range radio monitoring. Using our own FCC licensed frequency AMFES can provide monitoring of fire and security systems without requiring costly phone lines. Because this is a licensed and controlled frequency our network is not susceptible to common sources of outside interference that plague other systems. Additionally, becuase this is our own system we are not dependent on any third-party towers, relays, or controllers. As a result our radio monitoring service is the most reliable and dependable system available for fire alarm monitoring or security monitoring.

Internet Monitoring

With the growing levels of Internet usage it is becoming far more common for businesses and buildings to have available high-speed connections. AMFES can leverage existing connections for cost-effective monitoring of both fire and security systems. For security systems this can have the added advantages of remote control for supporting systems.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Monitoring of fire alarm systems isn’t an option - it’s a requirement! As such, property owners & managers generally make their decisions based on price. However, beyond price, there are in fact key performance questions that need to be asked. AMFES answers these questions

Security Monitoring

Detection systems are only part of a security system - responsive monitoring is necessary to ensure appropriate response and full deterence. But while many others might offer monitoring service only AMFES pairs monitoring with the most responsive guard services available.

Last updated: Sat 11 March 2023