Formed as a company dedicated to service, AMFES provides a unique outlook on the electronic systems industry. Our team includes general contractors, military security consultants and computer engineers, giving AMFES a range of knowledge unmatched by any other company. And since our technical personnel have not only been AMFES trained, but in many cases have worked for nearly every other electronics company Southern Nevada, we are able to service and repair most systems available.

Instead of being a single-product distributor AMFES is a preferred provider for several top shelf manufacturers. This allows us to select the right product, at the right price, for a particular application - instead of unnecessarily using a high-priced product in a small building, or forcing a small system to expand beyond its capacity. In addition, each of the products we have selected for our use have been extensively tested by our own quality control staff - allowing us to recommend them without hesitation for any application for which they are appropriate.

While AMFES currently has extensive licensing in Nevada, we can also provide limited services in other territories. We can supply products to partner companies in other areas, provide complete design services, and even provide on-site consultation as required. In this way, we can be a preferred provider for you on a national level. Should extensive work be needed in a particular area, AMFES can, and will, obtain the necessary licensing in order to serve you better.

Please consider us your full-featured consultant for all your electronics needs. We will be happy to review plans or specifications, provide phone consultations as needed, and we are available for on-site visits as well. We are certain that with our combination of customer service, product pricing, engineering expertise, and product reliability, we will quickly become your preferred source for electronic systems.

Last updated: Sat 11 March 2023