Fire Alarm Systems

Pop quiz. Fire alarm systems should be:

  1. Expensive and complicated.
  2. Confusing with constant problems.
  3. Require large amounts of space, money, and time.
  4. All of the above.
  5. Affordable, dependable, and easy to operate.

If you chose option e - congratulations. You must be an AMFES customer with an Advanced or Mircom system. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know fire alarm could be this easy.

As a Las Vegas Fire Alarm contractor, AMFES has experience in a wide array of unique challenges. From minimum 80dBA sound level requirements, to achieving the same with low-frequency sounds, reliable area smoke detection without false alarms, manual fire alarm systems for apartments and motels, to the tallest and largest of megastructures, AMFES has done it - and done it right.

Fire alarms are more than just a collection of smoke detectors. Even though in the overall scope of a project the fire alarm system may represent a relatively minor financial investment, it should not be left until the final stages of construction to consider. Fire alarms are life safety - they save lives. It’s that simple. Sprinkler systems help extinguish fires after they have reached relatively large sizes - and after they have consumed a significant portion of your building. On the other hand, fire detection systems locate “hot spots” as they begin - which means your building staff personnel can extinguish a fire just as it starts with a minimum of risk and damage – before the fire department breaks the door down and gives the entire office a good watering! With proper design and implementation, a fire alarm system becomes part of your overall building protection strategy - your basic desire to prevent and limit damage to your building.

After your fire alarm has been installed, it will require maintenance for the life of the system. Improper maintenance can result in decreased system performance, as well as a decreased lifespan and correspondingly higher costs of ownership. By using a trained, experienced, and certified maintenance company, you maximize the benefits of your life-safety system while minimizing the impact on your business operations – and your pocketbook.

Advanced and Mircom systems installed by AMFES offer features unmatched by any other product or company. Available in a wide range of sizes, AMFES can tailor a system to meet your exact requirements.

Advanced and Mircom systems offer you one of the largest, easy-to-read displays available. Add to that a number of configurable light displays and function switches, and you’ve got a system that does exactly what you need - and doesn’t require an advanced electronic degree to operate. Utilizing some of the latest technology in fire signature detection, these systems will meet any building code requirement - as well as minimizing maintenance costs. It actually tells you which detectors are dirty and require cleaning.

There’s only one thing missing - the big price tag. But you’re not really going to miss that, are you?

Key Benefits



With a full-time staff of trained installers, AM Fire & Electronic Services stands ready to install your fire alarm system at your convenience. Our installation manager will coordinate with you on your required schedule and will work with government agencies to ensure you meet your required opening date.


Our trained inspectors will ensure the safe and proper operation of your life safety system. Due to the extensive training of our personnel, AM Fire & Electronic Services can inspect ANY brand or make of fire alarm system. Detector testing, horn/strobe verification, and detector cleaning are key parts of fire alarm maintenance service. When AM Fire & Electronic Services places a tag on your system certifying its reliability, there will be no doubt in your mind as to the safety of your building.


Even the best systems require servicing. Our trained technicians will perform any required repairs in a clean and efficient manner, affecting your business and residents as little as possible. Because our technicians are highly trained and experienced, they can diagnose problems in less time than usual. This reduced service time translates to lower repair bills.

Last updated: Sat 24 September 2022