ExacqVision VMS Software and integrated recording solutions

When it comes to video surveillance there are three functions every system requires. It needs to record. It needs to search. And it needs to play back. Sounds simple. There’s a world of difference between a video recorder - and a complete video management system [VMS].

Under the hood, Exacq┬áprovides more than just a pretty face. They build recorders - both hybrid analog/IP and pure NVR’s - using top-shelf components explicitly designed for the task. Yes, there is a difference between a hard drive designed for your home or office computer - where you save a couple files an hour, as compared with a video recorder - where the hard drive needs to save multiple simultaneous video feeds 24/7.

What sets Exacq apart isn’t just the easy interface (which is extremely clean). Nor is it the extended feature set (unmatched in its price range). It’s the combination of the bulletproof recording combined with something truly unique - a non-platform dependent interface. That’s a fancy way of saying the software runs on just about every computer out there - whether it runs Microsoft Windows, Linux, or Mac OSX. Plus customized apps for Android and iPhone. Plus a browser interface that supports just about anything - if it can browse the web on the internet, it can work with Exacq┬ávideo. Which means - if you have a computer, or reasonable facsimile thereof, which can reach the internet - you can use it.

AM Fire & Electronic Services is the Las Vegas, Clark County, Southern Nevada factory trained & factory authorized distributor, dealer, installer, and service & maintenance provider for Exacq.

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Last updated: Sat 24 September 2022