ESI Telephone Systems

Simple is better.

All the features. Half the price.

ESI did it right. That’s really all there is to say – but we’ll say more anyway.

ESI’s IVX line of telephone systems ranges from entry level 3 line system, to multi-site VoIP systems – even with wireless remote IP phones. These systems not only do everything you’d expect from a phone system – they tell you how. At the touch of a button labeled “HELP”, a woman’s voice provides immediate context-sensitive help for any situation – it’s the complete user manual in a friendly format.

Then there’s the phones themselves. Everybody’s got their own taste in phone appearance, but the ESI phones look and feel reasonable by nearly everyone’s standards. What makes ESI different is compatibility and upgradeability – ESI phones from any lesser system are compatible with any expanded system. So if you’re starting from ESI’s C-Class, which supports a maximum of 6 lines and 12 telephones, and upgrade to an S-Class, E-Class, or even the massive X-Class – you don’t have to replace any of the existing telephones or wiring. And the advanced Communications Servers, from the ESI-50 to the ESI-1000 take the IVX systems to the next level with integrated VoIP to support any size organization or enterprise.

The voice messaging system is based on a 64k recording codec – that’s better than CD-quality audio. And storage capacities sometimes verge on the ridiculous – from 2 hours to over a month’s of continuous recording. Add integration with Microsoft Outlook for integrated messaging, a PC-based virtual attendant, and a host of other features for TAPI-compliance.

ESI did it right.

Key Benefits

Last updated: Sat 24 September 2022