Security Intrusion Detection & Alarm Systems

Are security systems supposed to:

  1. Give you a headache.
  2. Irritate your neighbors.
  3. Create panic and confusion in your office.
  4. Put you on a first-name basis with the local police.
  5. Deter potential robbers and alert you to possible intrusion.

I hope you chose option e - it means AMFES has installed a Paradox security system and you haven’t had any false alarms. Or you haven’t actually had a system installed yet and so still have a refreshingly naive view of how security systems work.

The first step in preventing false alarms is proper product selection. AMFES will not use a product unless it can add to our already glowing reputation. Rokonet has proven itself to AMFES as a reliable platform to build a security system upon - from a simple front & back door system up to 128 separate zones!

Security systems act as a deterrent to property theft. To work properly, a system must protect all the points of entry for a thief – and ensure no burglar can reach your property without activating the alarm. This requires knowledge of not only the detection system’s capabilities, but some insight into the mind of your potential intruder. With a background of high-security installations - including government, banking, and military - AMFES engineers can help you choose the right level of protection for you and your property. Even if the right protection means just upgrading your door locks.

Designing a security system is more than just placing a motion detector here and there or a magnetic switch on each door. It requires an understanding of the detection methods available, identifying possible points of entry or concern at your property, and relating the two to find the correct match. AMFES has a wide array of technologies available, so whatever your vulnerabilities, we can protect them efficiently and effectively.

With a large friendly LCD keypad, or the optional color graphical display, the Rokonet ProSYS system is easy to operate. Their advanced technology ensures that any tampering with the system is instantly detected and reported. And the Rokonet ProSYS system offers a unique feature - end-user software for control and reporting from any computer you choose. And since the Rokonet ProSYS can also provide simple access-control functions, you’ll probably want to use that software.

Combining the Rokonet ProSYS with the most advanced sensors made, from simple door switches and motion detectors to more exotic devices, such as perimeter beams or even radar, AMFES can provide you peace of mind that your property is protected by the most dependable security system available, and at a significantly lower price than any other, especially when you consider the savings in long-term costs.

Key Benefits

Last updated: Sat 24 September 2022