Why should you consult with AMFES?

If you want some input on metal fatigue, structural members, or landscaping - you wouldn’t.

But if you want an electronic system that will be code-compliant, meet or exceed your functional expectations, and continue to reliably perform year after year - give us a call.

We LOVE to hear from building owners, architects, and engineers looking for input. Let’s face it - even the finest building professionals can’t possibly know everything about everything - that’s why we can’t help you with laying floor tiles.

But our business is electronic systems - and we DO know our business!

Even if you’re not looking to hire a contractor immediately, or if you’re just looking for a introductory education - please don’t hesitate to contact our engineering department. We’d be delighted to help determine your exact requirements - and at least point you in the right direction for product selection.

Last updated: Sat 24 September 2022