CCTV Closed-Circuit Television Systems

First, you’ve limited entry to your facility with your access control system. Then you set up an alarm to alert you and the police in the event of a break-in. Now we add the missing element - “who dunnit?”

A picture is worth thousand words. In the tragic event anything ever happens at your property, a good CCTV system can be worth considerably more.

But what makes a good CCTV system? You just need a couple of cameras, a recorder, and a monitor, right?

Ensuring you have a picture that the police can use and that will be admissible in a court is not an accident. It takes proper design, product selection, installation, and (surprise) maintenance.

With a proper CCTV system, you can identify who, when, and what illegal action was performed. Getting a picture that police can use to identify criminals doesn’t happen by chance. It requires proper camera selection and placement. Ensuring that picture is recorded - and usable - also doesn’t happen by chance. With a visual recording of a burglary, insurance companies are far less likely to question damages. The right equipment, for the right purpose, installed correctly - that’s AMFES.

AMFES knows CCTV. Choosing the right lens, camera, and angle can be challenging - unless you know how. Ensuring the picture gets recorded is still another level.

Most recording today is done via videocassette or digitally. Videocassettes provide lower initial costs - but require careful, consistent, neverending maintenance - or the system will never produce a usable picture. Digital systems can solve most of the problems of VCR’s - if you use the right one.

Many digital systems available today take advantage of the low-cost multimedia capabilities of personal computers. Some digital systems are available today that are actually cheaper than some VCR’s! But there’s a problem…

Just how reliable is your own computer? Ever need to restart it? Ever lost any really important information?

Is that what you want to trust your critical pictures to?

AMFES exclusively utilizes digital recorders with embedded operating systems. In other words - they’re not personal computers - they’re professional security products made by some of the most trusted names in the industry. These machines can record, view, playback, share over the Internet, and archive - simultaneously. When combined with a access control system, a digital recording solution from AMFES provides you complete security - what happened, when, and who did it.

And you’ll never have to rewind a tape again.

Key Benefits

Last updated: Sat 24 September 2022