Access Control Systems

Access control is not the same as security. Security prevents theft - access control gives you control over your facility. Electronic systems solve a number of problems with simple hardware lock solutions, including key loss, unauthorized key copying, lock picking/jimmying, and (of course) limiting access during scheduled times.

Proper access control - especially when integrated with security - requires careful planning to ensure maximum benefits. Having designed and installed access control systems for large government and financial institutions, AMFES engineers can bring an insight to your facility unmatched by any other company. Helping you to select the right entry technology (keypads, card readers, fingerprint, retina, voice, etc.) is only part of our job. Educating you on how to configure your system to reduce unauthorized access, increase building automation, and track personnel movement lets AMFES maximize the benefits of your access control system.

Of course, while AMFES can service and maintain nearly any make and model of access control system, we heartily recommend our flagship GCS System Galaxy product.

Key Benefits

Last updated: Sat 24 September 2022