The extensive list of services offered by AMFES is growing constantly as we continue to educate ourselves and adapt to meet our customers’ needs. Our technicians are trained and experienced in a wide array of products - ranging from legacy systems from the 1970’s, to products just being released to market today. Installation, repair, maintenance, inspection, testing, cleaning, and monitoring - AMFES is ready to provide whatever your system might require.

Fire Alarm Installation, Service, and Required Testing

Fire alarm is AMFES’ specialty. Combining an extensive range of products, with NICET-certified engineering know-how, AMFES can custom-tailor a fire alarm system to meet your particular building and budget requirements, from a residential healthcare retrofit to a full-scale hotel/casino. Of course, after the installation, you need a service company you can depend on. AMFES will be there, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for any fire alarm emergency. And with our State of Nevada licensed technicians, you can rest assured that your state mandated test is always performed properly.

Security Systems

Some [other] companies just take some components off the shelf and install them in the most convenient locations and call that a security system. We have the expertise to analyze and locate your particular weak points, to provide you with the optimum level of protection your business or home requires. And since our products can expand from the simplest burglary deterrents to integrated nation-wide security networks, whatever your particular needs, AMFES can meet them.

Access Control Systems

When simply knowing a security breach has occured is not enough, integrated access control systems are the next step. AMFES can install and maintain a complete building, site, campus, or national access control system - from the door hardware to the computer network. Whatever technology you prefer - codes, cards, fingerprints, you name it - AMFES can provide it.

CCTV (Closed-Circuit TeleVision) Systems

Why have a CCTV system? If your goal is simply to deter criminal action, then false cameras can be installed cheaply (by other companies who do that type of thing) - and without any increase in your power bill. But if you want to KNOW exactly what is happening, and who is doing it, then you require a properly designed system. Camera placement, lens selection, picture resolution, day/night sensitivity, are just a few of the factors that need to be considered. AMFES can provide you with the live or recorded information you require to prevent or recover from criminal activity.

Fire Monitoring

Nearly all fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems require monitoring. You need a central station that can dispatch fire service when required. And not bother you with nuisance troubles when not appropriate. And you need to be using a station that has a full UL [Underwriter’s Laboratories] listing to ensure compliance with state regulations. In other words, you need AMFES to monitor your fire systems.

Security Monitoring

Local systems are only half the equation. To provide complete security, you need reliable off-site monitoring. You need a central station that can dispatch armed guards and police personnel when required. You need intelligent operators that can answer your questions. In other words, you need AMFES to monitor your security and CCTV systems.

Telephone Systems

Hello? Anybody there? Business communications systems are critical - and that’s why you want AMFES to supply, install, and maintain your telephone system. From basic single-line telephones, to multi-site Voice-over-IP systems, AMFES will tailor a solution for your communications needs.


Is that #@%! network down again? Love ‘em or hate ‘em, computers and networks are just part of the modern business world. It’s bad enough when they work “correctly” - how can you can your job done when they fail? Get AMFES in there to get your systems working smoothly and reliably.

Last updated: Fri 18 November 2022