Compass Technologies

Legacy access control system.

The Compass Technologies product line (including Compass 4, Compass 5e, Compass 6e, and SafeAxis) has had a long and . . . interesting . . . history. From its roots as an independently developed product, then its acquisition by Wheelock, then Wheelock’s acquisition by Cooper. Followed by a spin-off acquired by Vuance. And its current status as a core part of OSSI.

The hardware originally developed by Wheelock continues to be extremely strong with a wide range of flexibility allowed by its nearly pure firmware architecture. However, the software interface has had a troubled development process culminating in Compass 6e version 2.4 from OSSI – which fixes a number of long-standing bugs. However, development of the Compass 6e platform has ended – OSSI has invested in the alternative software package Intelli-Site.

AM Fire & Electronic Services remains the Las Vegas, Clark County, Southern Nevada factory trained & factory authorized distributor, dealer, installer, and service & maintenance provider forSafeAxis, Compass 5e, and Compass 6e by OSSI.

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Last updated: Sat 24 September 2022